Elos videos

The 7 steps of the Elos philosophy

A video demonstrating how the 7 steps of the Elos philosophy work. Don't forget to put on the subtitles by clicking on the configuration button on the right bottom part. Available with English and Spanish subtitles.

How does the Oasis Game work?

In this video made by Moom, simple caracters help to explain how the Oasis Game works. Wanna play yourself? Go to http://institutoelos.org/en/jogo-oasis/

Elos in 1 minute - How we make dreams come true

Do you have a minute? Great! Know a little bit about the work of Elos. Check more at www.institutoelos.org

The Oasis Game in Newham London with Lush Cosmetics

What happens when volunteers from Lush Cosmetics meet a community group - The Momentum Project - in the concrete jungle of the Royal Docks, Newham, London to play the Oasis Game? Some truly inspirational community building magic - that's what happens!

Guardiões de transormação - join the movement of transformation

Elos has started the Movement Fund and by becoming a Guardian of Transformation we welcome you to be part of a community that says yes to the continuation of the realization of collective dreams worldwide. Join!

Guerreiros sem armas

The Guerreiros Sem Armas (Warriors Without Weapons) is an experiential international leadership and social entrepreneurship training program offered by Elos to youth to provide the tools needed to transform realities anywhere in the world. Find out more at www.warriorswithoutweapons.net

The first Oasis Game in Holland

E-motive was the first supporter of bringing the Brazilian methodology of the Oasis Game to the Netherlands in 2010, prooving that a method that positively impacts Brazilian favela’s can work and contribute to social cohesion in Dutch communities. This video shows what happened during the first Oasis Game held in a community in Europe.

The E-mpulse game

The E-mpulse Game is one of the online games for change offered by Elos and supports a selected group of social initiators to build partnerships developing their ideas, dreams and projects that will change the world, by taking on 5 challenges. This video shows the invitation for the 2015 edition.

CEAL-process - bringing education & community entrepreneurship together

Video Guerreiros Sem Armas 2017

For the third time, we had the privilege of Eliza Capai's talented look at the Guerreiros Sem Armas program, recording the 10th edition. The thread is about the learning that the participants have in the stage of Immersion in Santos, and the work in 3 community in Baixada Santista.

Go Deep Game

Go Deep is a game that is played by any group that is interested in the future of a community. It is a like a journey, where groups of people travel through the cards along imaginary metro lines to deepen their leadership and facilitation skills and create actions and community transformations for everyone.

Go Deep and Go Beyond

How can we create spaces of radical inclusion? How can we embrace diversity without creating more polarisation? Is there a possibility to Go Deep in our interactions, embrace all perspectives and Go Beyond together?