Elos team

Welcome to Elos
We are a social education organization that strengthens people’s capacity to transform their reality. We facilitate, train and organize programs on local and interlocal level in communities, organizations and networks. We awaken the power of people and communities, increasing their capacity for articulation and protagonism, due to stronger ties and shared experiences. We construct projects based on collective dreams and aspirations, based on the Elos philosophy. This 7 step process is applied through social tools such as the Oasis Game and trained in programs such as 'Guerreiros sem armas'. Over the last 20 years Elos and our network of facilitators have mobilized over 200.000 people, working in over 400 communities, with network of over a 1000 replicators in 50 countries, in collaboration with 100s of clients and organizations, transforming our world now! Find out what we can do together here!